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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [06.19.04]
Manufactured by: Intel

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As usual, an Intel launch is more about the future than it is today. The 9xx chipsets introduce technologies and features that are certainly impressive on paper, and as much as we can test their capabilities today, we only got a peek at what the new platform will mean to us in coming months and years.

When straight 'number crunching' (floating point, integer calculations, gaming, etc), the new CPU's scaled perfectly in line with socket 478-based Prescotts on an 875P. However, when being tested under 'real world' application conditions, the new platform with its increased memory bandwidth allows the Prescott to begin to show life.

I said in my original review of the Prescott that it will only get better as platforms improve, and software begins to make use of the extended capabilities. It looks like the next step has been taken in that direction.

But every time we review a new CPU, we have to answer, "should I buy one now"?

Well for now, the answer is sort of like, "you can't". 925-based motherboards are JUST starting to show up. We're in the process of rounding up motherboards for 925x coverage, and so far a grand total of ONE manufacturer (with ties to Intel) has delivered. Most of the others are expecting to have boards in early-to-mid-July.

Then there is the case of video cards... When will PCI-E video cards be available on the open market? My guess is around the same time the motherboards do.

If you want to upgrade to an LGA775 CPU, you will be able to do so while maintaining your current ram and video card; board makers were showing off 875P and 865PE boards using LGA775 sockets at Computex. A full upgrade to a 925x board with a PCI-E video card, DDR2 memory, and a SATA drive or two are going to be quite the upgrade indeed!