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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [06.15.04]
Manufactured by: Albatron

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I need two...and I need them by tonight...

Of course, you can't exactly add NOS to your video card to make it faster but we did manage to force it to crunch a little faster. Starting near the stock of 425GPU/650RAM, we gradually made our way up and found that our particular card topped out at 474MHz for the GPU and a very nice 726MHz for the RAM, which is rated for around 700MHz. We did get a little higher than those two speeds but found that artifacts started to appear. Our top posted overclocking results mean zip, zero, ziltch in terms of artifacts.

I'm not going to bench it again but expect something close to a 10% performance increase. More or less and remember, your overclocking results will vary. Not may; will.

So is budget still a dirty word? Well, not AS dirty but more like the damn, ass and crap - the common ones that make primetime TV. While the Albatron 5700P isn't terrible, it didn't impress me with any particular feature or the speed. As with any other mid-range card, you have to decide for yourself if you're going to go big, go home or merely stand where no one will really bother you.

Michael Jackson will never appear in an article again, I promise.

Albatron hasn't produced Michael Jackson's Thriller or even Janet's Velvet Rope with the 5700P but not definetely not as lame as Jermaine. It's more of a Tito or Marlon (do you even KNOW who Marlon Jackson is?) - the background singer to the more virtuosic 5900 or 5950 Ultra.

Of course, if we're only talking about budget cards, should you pick this or a card based on ATi's 9600XT? As you saw through a few rounds of testing, the 9600XT pulled ahead most of the time. Add the fact that the "5700 Killer" 5900XT could easily handle both of these cards, and it is pretty much impossible to recommend ANY card on the 5700 chipset.

If you find this card for a REALLY good deal or something, pick it up. If you're going to spend $140 on a new card, it would be far better spent elsewhere.

I'm not going to feed this card to Geoff but it doesn't deserve a I AM HARDCORE award either, Marlon.

  • good price
  • DX9
  • excellent overclocking results
  • quiet and effective cooling fixtures
  • decent performance
  • looks...okay

  • Meh...boring. Barely par with the 9600XT
  • no DVI <-> VGA adapter
  • not VIVO
  • crappy bundle

Final Score: 67%