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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [06.15.04]
Manufactured by: Albatron

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UT2K3 Demo

At the time of testing, I still didn't have a truly solid UT2K4 benchmark to go with so I thought I'd stick with Unreal Tournament 2003 in the meantime. This again is the average score of three flyby demos.

The two similar spec-ed cards are roughly equal in this test but in the end, both are totally outclassed by the high-end 9800 Pro.

Splinter Cell

If you haven't heard of this game, then crawl outside your box every once in awhile - if only to get some new games and maybe go to the bathroom. Ubisoft's amazing stealthly sneaky game stars the man with the baddest ass in the universe, Sam Fisher and is also a great DirectX 9 benchmark.

You'd better agree with me or Sam is going to show up behind you and lay down some pistol whip - which is a different variety than Miracle, Cool or Bull.

Once again, the 5700P Turbo falls behind the 9600XT.

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