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By: Carl Nelson [06.03.04]










The motherboards are now fully manufactured, and tested to work fine under strenuous conditions. The next step is to assemble the packaging! Pictured above is the machine that shapes the retail boxes you pick up in stores.


First, the boards are placed in each box. These ones are from Gigabyte's new entry level line.


This person's job is to place various promotional stickers on each board. No, I am not joking! I bet the worker who installs 6 PCI slots in a matter of seconds would like to switch jobs with this person for a day! ;)


This line is where all the various bundled components are placed in each box.


Once the retail packaging is complete, the boards are then packed in shipping boxes, ready to go to their final destination.


And as you can see, Gigabyte's motherboard production is impressive. Remember, this is just one of FOUR factories!

That concludes our tour of the Gigabyte motherboard manufacturing line. I have ONE weekday left in Taipei to try to convince another manufacturer to let me see their video card production line! WISH ME LUCK!