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By: Carl Nelson [06.03.04]


A Day Away from Computex

Since we were in Taiwan, we took the opportunity to visit Gigabyte's Nan-Ping factory, close the the center of Taipei. Nan-Ping is actually one of four full-size Gigabyte factories; two are in Taiwan, and two are in China.

I focused on getting photos detailing all the steps necessary to build a motherboard, as Gigabyte does it! Pictures were taken with two cameras, as batteries drained and memory cards filled... So bear with me if the order is slightly askew ;)

Let's get started right away!

SMT Room

The SMT lines are where the assembley begins, really. The SMT machinese take the layered PCB, and the first chips are soldered and traced inside these machines.

Here you can see the traces being made on a motherboard. In the top half of the picture, you can see the automated process in motion. Notice how fast it is moving!

Beside each SMT machine, you will see various chips ready to be attached to the boards. Here, I took the opportunity to snap a shot of some ATI 9100 IGP chipsets before being attached to the board...

The rest of the smaller chips, such as these IC chips, are kept on rollers.

Once the boards roll off the SMT lines, they are inspected to make sure all the connections are made properly.

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