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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [05.31.04]
Manufactured by: Gigabyte

Est. Street Price: $50-60

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The Results - P4 Version

With Athlon chips typically running much hotter than P4s with their heat-spreaders we don't expect much in the way of surprises here. Most universal coolers which perform well on the AMD side of things can be reasonable be expected to perform as well as not better on the P4 platform. Just to be safe though we checked things out.

As a P4 cooler, the Ultra GT seems to be an even better option beating out the P4 Aeroflow (albeit a weaker cooler) even at low speeds. We will soon be reviewing a new P4 cooler from Spire which should be able to give a better test up against the Gigabyte model.

Aside from the obvious (It's weight and girth) there isn't a whole lot of bad that can be said about this cooler. The engineers at Gigabyte obviously had their thinking caps working and were able to produce something that is unique, stylish AND most importantly effective with their first lineup of heatsink coolers. Kudos to them.

Now while the cooler does perform adequately a high fan speeds, things do get to be quite noisy and the average user is not going to want to put up with a hairdryer like sound in their tower case. It's while at low fan speeds that this cooler truly shines. Running at sub 20dBA, the Ultra GT is able to keep even an overclocked Barton CPU within reasonable temperatures even during the heaviest of loads.

Of course there is the issue of price, and we expect the Ultra-GT to be quite expensive. With a lesser model already going for $35-45, we expect this one to retail for over $50 when it finally hits stores, if not higher.

If you're looking for a stylish cooler that is absolutely silent for ANY platform, and have your motherboard securely attached inside your tower case, I would recommend this new cooler from Gigabyte. As far as first offerings go, Gigabyte has passed with flying colors.

  • Pretty Blue...ooooh
  • Quiet Quiet Quiet at Low Fan Speed
  • Cools UNIVERSALLY Well
  • All Copper Construction

  • Tough to install on a board already inside a tower
  • Quite Loud at High Fan Speed
  • Copper Front Speed Bracket Clashes with....everything
  • Price may be an issue

Final Score: 90%