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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [05.31.04]
Manufactured by: Gigabyte

Est. Street Price: $50-60

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Clips of all shapes and sizes

Being a universal cooler, the Ultra GT ships with everything you need to hook it up to any of the three major sockets.

The bundled package also includes both a rear PCI and front 3.5 inch drive bay mount for the fan speed controller as well as both a high gloss quick start "poster" and multi-language in depth manual. For good measure Gigabyte also throws in a 4pin power extender, which is appreciated by those of use who like to route all wires out of plain sight.

Well Lapped

So yeah, I know it's just me, but I still find these big caution stickers to be funny....guess I'm just strange...or Canadian...same thing right?

Pull it away and we have one the nicest machined surface I've seen on a HSF in a while. My photography skills are definitely lacking so the picture doesn't do it justice.

Under the Hood

Taking the clear fan guard off the top of the cooler we can see the four blue LED lights as well as the blue blower fan inside.

This is the same style blower fan that we saw used in our Coolermaster Jet7+ review. However, unlike the Coolermaster model, the fan here is pointed to blow outward at a 360-degree angle as opposed to being directed straight down at the heatsink core itself. 

This approach should work wonderfully if the heat pipes do their job. All heat should be drawn away from the copper core in contact with the CPU itself and drawn into the circular copper fins which will then be cooled by the blower fan.

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