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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [05.21.04]
Manufactured by: Foxconn

Lowest Price from Dealtime: $92

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USB Performance

Once again, something that is going to differentiate one chipset from another is how the on-chipset peripherals perform. We'll also look at how this particular board's FireWire does against those used on the other boards:

In terms of read and write performance, the 755 is somewhat lacklustre. It does fairly well in the write tests, but the read test performance is well behind the other chipsets.

Oh...My...God... 46% CPU usage when the USB is under full load! Sorry, but that is terrible! I don't know if this is a problem with the chipset drivers or if this is a limitation of the chipset itself... If you recall, HDD usage also exhibited abnormally high CPU usage, so there seems to be a common thread here.

FireWire performance

Now we're looking at the actual BOARD performance, beyond just the chipset. How the FireWire performs will depend on the chip used by each individual motherboard model.

This time, FireWire performance is pretty much the same as the others, and surprize, surprize! FireWire CPU usage is actually better than the other boards we tested!

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