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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [05.21.04]
Manufactured by: Foxconn

Lowest Price from Dealtime: $92

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As I said earlier, this $90 board isn't exactly intended to be an enthusiast's board. But the 755 itself carries some features you would be interested in, such as a lockable PCI/AGP bus!

But when it comes to overal OC capability, it goes beyond chipset features. How about memory tweaking?

You'd be surprized what you'd find on a $90 board!

All the memory tweak functions you can dream of are found here! This looks more like an Abit BIOS than a $90 Foxconn!

On top of that, you can adjust the FSB rate in 1 MHz increments, up to 232 MHz. With a locked bus, you'd think that offers a lot of OC potential...

Unfortunately, it doesn't go much beyond this. There are NO VOLTAGE SETTINGS to speak of at all. Without being able to crank up the voltage on your memory or CPU, you're not going to take either component very far at all.

BIOS Safety

One feature we always look at in the BIOS are 'safety features' Fan shutdown, temperature warnings, etc. Here's what the Foxconn has in store:

No temperature warnings, but there is a shutdown control. Also, it is great to have a 'smart fan control' for the CPU fan!

The Test

To test the capabilities of the 755 chipset, we have included the two 'other' chipsets in this review; VIA's K8T800, and NVIDIA's nForce3 150. Both VIA and NVIDIA have new chipsets coming out very soon though, so keep that in mind.

For VIA testing, we used Gigabyte's K8VNXP. For NVIDIA testing, a Shuttle AN50R was used.

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