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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [05.21.04]
Manufactured by: Foxconn

Lowest Price from Dealtime: $92

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The Board

The board itself is jam-packed full of goodies, and follows the convention of other well-layed out boards. Most of the connectors are placed along the side, although I always prefer to have the 4 pin "P4" connector on the other side of the CPU. That's not commonly done, but I have seen it.

Here are the SATA ports; two controlled by the SiS chipset, and two from an externale Silicon Image software RAID controller.

I prefer to see a color-coded front-panel pinout these days...

Moving over, you'll find the audio connectors, some WOL connector, and one extra FireWire connector. All at the edge of the board, which is perfect.

Looking at the top end of the board, you can see that there is more than enough room above the AGP slot to accomodate switching memory modules with the video card installed.

Foxconn have included a CPU retention bracket, which is not always the case with low-end boards. It is the standard bracket, which can be removed if needed.

And finally, here is the rear panel. It is pretty much the same as you'll find on any board in this price range. Two com-ports instead of a digital audio connector, four USB ports (with pinouts for four more on the board, as you saw earlier), and a FireWire port (with pinouts for one more on the board). Unfortunately, Foxconn does not include ANY external USB or FireWire ports to be used with these pinouts. Even with low cost boards like this, we are accustomed to seeing at least ONE PCI USB bracket with a pair of extra ports. I know I would need one!

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