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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [04.19.04]
Manufactured by: Cooler Master

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Sealed For Your Protection

I don't know why but I really like the warning on the sticker found protecting the bottom of the Jet 7+. Just in case you didn't know... this thing comes off before you install it.

Upon pulling the red sticker off we find a nicely (although far from perfect) machined surface. As with any cooler, a round of lapping before installation wouldn't hurt things.

The copper bottom plate is quite thick and is then topped off with lots of nice thin copper fins making for a very high quality heatsink.

One of the biggest selling points of the Jet 7+ though is not the heatsink itself, but the fan that tops it. Unlike traditional ball bearing fans, the Jet blower fan is able to concentrate all airflow directly down onto the center of the heatsink core.

This is the same concept that was used successfully by the original Aeroflow and it's TMD fan. Unfortunately the TMD fans have had a very high failure rate. With the Jet blower fan Coolermaster is offering a very attractive alternative to those failure prone TMD fans.

Not Japanese seizure robots...but close

Cooling ability aside, one of the best things about this cooler is the aesthetic coolness factor. If a shiny chrome jet engine fan and fully copper heatsink aren't enough eye candy for you, Coolermaster has added two led lights to sweeten the pot.

On the front of the fan is a blinking white led which is supposed to mimic a jet's landing light. Unfortunately I found this led to be more annoying than cool. The blinking of the white led is almost strobe like and after a couple minutes started to give me headaches. I actually had to place duct tape over it in order to comfortable sit next to it while finishing the testing process.

Now the second red led in the back I on the other hand like very much. The red led is placed at the very back of what would be the jet engines exhaust. The led itself is very bright and shoots outward in a straight line creating a red beam which will extend to the back (or top) of most users cases depending on your motherboard's socket orientation.

I broked it?

Now just one final thing that I feel I must mention before finishing things off with the test results. I was originally sent the P4 model of this cooler, however after its trip from overseas it arrived with the fan potentiometer broken effectively disabling the blower fan.

The package itself sustained minimal damage, but there's no telling when during the shipping process things got borked. Just a warning, that if you're picking this up at a retail outlet, maybe have a peek inside the clear packaging and check to be sure that everything is copasetic before laying down your cash.

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