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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [04.19.04]
Manufactured by: Cooler Master

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Big Ol' Jet Air Liner

Coolermaster has always been one of the more reputable names in the computer cooling industry. Heck their name just screams high quality cooling. Today we'll be looking at their Jet 7+ CPU cooler which features among other things a very cool looking Jet blower fan. Coolermaster first introduced this new style of blower fan to mixed reviews with their Aero 7 cooler. I remember thinking originally how cool it would've looked with a jet engine design. Well, Coolermaster read my mind on this one when they released their new Jet 7+.

Notice on the packaging that the heatsink on the Jet 7+ is 100% copper, unlike the regular Jet 7 model which is made mostly with aluminum. Now I understand that personal tastes will as always vary, but I have to say that this cooler is definitely one of the sharpest looking model available on the market today.

As you can see the chrome front of the "engine" is nice and shiny. The important specs are listed below. A complete list of specs can be found at Coolermaster's website.

Model No.: ACB-V83
CPU Socket: A/370/462
Dimensions(H/S): 74x60x40mm
Fan Dimensions: Blower 80x80x80mm
Fan Speed: 1900 ~ 3500 rpm
Fan Airflow: 12.0 ~ 22.1 CFM
Fan Air Pressure: 3.15 ~ 10.7 mm H20
Fan Noise: 29.3 ~ 42.6 dBA
Voltage Rating: 5.0 ~ 13.8 V
Connector: 4 Pin (Power Input), 3 Pin (Speed Direction)
Weight: 660g

Note that even at the highest speed, the blower fan only pushes 22.1 CFM of air which is very low. However the number to look at here is directly after the CFM rate and that is the amount of air pressure.

Now in case you hadn't already figured it out, this sucker is BIG! With the fan attached, the Jet 7+ is 120mm tall, dwarfing every other cooler I've ever owned. For reference the Aeroflow 2 we recently reviewed was 72.9mm tall. Unlike Shawn Bradley though, the Jet 7+ is not only tall, it is also very very heavy. At 660g the Jet 7+ is so far above AMD recommended cooler weight specs, it might have to check itself into a fat camp! The good news though is that most of the weight is in the bottom heatsink portion of the cooler so you shouldn't have to worry about it ripping your CPU socket out of its motherboard any time soon.

The Jet 7+ comes with some nice extra features. Included in the bundle is a manual, BOTH a rear PCI and a front 3.5 inch port bracket for the fan speed potentiometer and a little "baggie" of thermal paste

The front 3.5 inch bracket was obviously designed to match Coolermasters line of cases and would integrate seamlessly with them, however looks out of place on anything but. As noted in the specs, fan speeds can be adjusted from 1900rpm to 3500rpm and anything in between. At 1900 rpm the cooler was almost silent. At 3500 rpm it sounds like you have a blow dryer running at high speed inside your PC.

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