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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [04.13.04]
Manufactured by: Cooler Master

Est. Street Price: $30.00

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Weekly One Pager

Today's Weekly One Pager is the Coolpad from Cooler Master. As you'd guess, it's a notebook cooler!

The Coolpad is an all-aluminum notebook cooler, featuring a pair of USB-powered low RPM fans.

As you can see, it comes in a nice package with a handle to aid in packing it around. One glaring omission however is the lack of a USB cable to power the fan with! You're going to need to buy your own 1ft USB cable to power up the fans!

The fansĀ are rated at just 4.9 cfm each, which is not much but may be enough to keep things cool with a good design. They spin at just 2100 RPM, so don't cause too much noise (they are officially rated at 18 dBA). They are definitely louder than a regularly idling notebook fan however, but they are intended to prevent the notebook fan from going into 'full speed' mode, which is by far louder than these fans would ever be.

The fans are actually designed to push air out the side of the cooler, as well as the bottom. They suck the hot air from the bottom of the notebook, and expel it to the sides and bottom.

The fans are powered by a USB "b" type connection. As I mentioned previously, no such cable is included, so you'll need to pick one up yourself. Unlike some other notebook coolers, the Coolpad does not contain an integrated USB hub, so you will use up a single USB port, and gain nothing other than the cooling function.

The Coolpad is solidly built, and seems to be very stable, and there is no doubt that it one handsom looking notebook stand/cooler.

Oops, looks like this One-Pager has turned into a Two-Pager!

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