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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [04.09.04]
Manufactured by: Vantec

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Thumbs Up

The other major change with the socket A version of the Aeroflow 2 is the change over from a screwdriver style retention mechanism to a thumb based one.


I prefer the screwdriver style clips in most cases (but that is very much a personal preference) and think it would have been nice if Vantec had included both options on its clip.

On the topic of the clip, I should mention that I found clip on the sample I was sent to be EXTREMELY tight. Without first stretching the clip out a bit I found it impossible to install the heatsink at anything but a 45 degree angle. So if you do purchase this heatsink you might want to consider stretching the clip a bit before installation in order to avoid one of those nasty crushed CPU cores.

Test Setup

All tests were run using a DFI Lanparty nForce2 Rev. B motherboard and an AMD Athlon 2500+ Barton CPU installed inside an NZXT Guardian tower case. Both heatsinks were installed using the Vantec thermal compound that came with the Aeroflow 2 sample.

CPU Temperature readings were taken using the Athlon XP's built in thermal diode and read using Motherboard Monitor. Ambient temperatures were measured using a digital thermometerrplaced in the middle of the case.

When overclocked, the Barton 2500+ was running at 2.42Ghz (11x220) and 1.8V. To achieve full CPU load both Prime95 and Distributed Folding were run at the same time, both at high priority.

The Results

As you can see, at stock settings, the Aeroflow 2 is able to keep right up with the original Aeroflow, holding neck and neck at full load.

Good News in terms of overclocking! Just goes to show you that a good Socket A design doesn't always carry over to another platform I guess.

Now hopefully no one went out and made broad general assumptions about the Aeroflow 2 after reading our P4 review. If you did....STOP! With the Aeroflow 2, Vantec was able to successfully incorporate their revolutionary four-way fin design into a package that works with a regular ball berring fan. Well on a Socket A platform anyway. As with the original Aeroflow, the socket A version outshines its P4 counterpart. This, as stated before, is mainly due to the fact that Vantec simply slaps a different retention mechanism on the same heatsink for a different platform, which is no good in this case due to the issues brought forth in our A2P4 review. I will however refrain from rehashing a stated point.

With the release of the Aeroflow 2, Vantec has now effectively given us two options for no frill cooling on a budget. I personally would never part with my TMD Aeroflow, but if you've been burnt by the curse of the TMD fan, or prefer the looks of the new fan guard/grill, then the Aeroflow 2 socket A version is just as good a Budget cooling choice as any.

Keep in mind though that neither of the two Aeroflow models come with any of the extras that you might see with other HSF models, such as a controllable fan or fancy led lighting. But for $20-$25 you're getting exactly what you pay for, that is a no frills yet high performance heatsink.

  • Great Performance
  • Aeroflow Performance without the TMD Fan
  • Simple and easy to install retention clips
  • Cheap

  • Relatively Loud Fan at 35dBA
  • Super Tight Clip Could Cause a Few Crushed Cores
  • No Frills

Final Score: 90%