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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [03.24.04]
Manufactured by: Corsair, Kingston, and OCZ

Prices for 1 GB kits from
Corsair TwinX 4400: $399
Kingston HyperX 4300: $408 (at shop.kingston)
OCZ Performance Series PC4400: $369

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With all the memory we looked performing much the same, it is really difficult to decide upon a clear winner. If anything, we'd have to pick a loser, and that would be Kingston in this case.

Kingston's HyperX 4300 is rated the lowest of all (of course we run it all day at PC4400 to match the other two, but that's beside the point, as it is not covered at this level). Not only that, but it was easily the most expensive. We could not find a 1GB kit for less than $400, while both the Corsair and OCZ products can be found for anywhere between $360 and $380 easily.

If Kingston was able to produce a fully warrantied PC4400 product, it wouldn't have been so bad; maybe a three-way tie if anything.

Picking a winner between Corsair XMS TwinX and OCZ Performance Series Dual Channel Kit is a lot tougher. OCZ's looks better by far, and has a great warranty that covers you even if you overvolt the memory. However Corsair's reputation preceeds them, and that is a GOOD thing in this case. Going on reputation alone, 9 people out of 10 are going to pick Corsair, but I understand things have changed from OCZ's somewhat storied history.

So what can I do? Give them both the award!

Corsair XMS TwinX 4400 Final Score: 95%
*Recipient of the I AM HARDCORE Award!

OCZ Performance Series PC4400 Dual Channel Final Score: 95%
*Recipient of the I AM HARDCORE Award!

Kingston Hyper X PC4300 Dual Channel Final Score: 88%