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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [03.24.04]
Manufactured by: Corsair, Kingston, and OCZ

Prices for 1 GB kits from
Corsair TwinX 4400: $399
Kingston HyperX 4300: $408 (at shop.kingston)
OCZ Performance Series PC4400: $369

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PCMark 04

First we'll show you the PCMark 04 System Test scores, which use the following applications to calculate performance:

File compression
File decompression
File encryption
File decryption
Virus scanning
Grammar check
Audio conversion
Image processing
Web page rendering
WMV video compression
DivX video compression
Physics calculation and 3D

Keep in mind that the increased clock speed at DDR550 will have a small affect on the score. Nonetheless, it is easy to see that there is quite some benefit to be had from just increasing memory bandwidth.

PCMark 04 also has a pure memory test, so let's look at that too:

Like the memory tests on the previous page, we can again see the direct benefit of increased memory bandwidth. We can also see that all these products perform about the same. If anything, Corsair's TwinX pulls ahead ever so slightly on most of the 'pure' tests.


For gaming tests, we'll just look at UT2K3 and Aquamark 3:

And here is proof positive that increased memory bandwidth = increased gaming performance. You can easily see that a 2.4C overclocked to 3.2 GHz on a DDR500 or DDR550 system will easily beat a 'pure' 3.2C on stock DDR400. One of the benefits of overclocking to be sure!

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