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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [03.24.04]
Manufactured by: Corsair, Kingston, and OCZ

Prices for 1 GB kits from
Corsair TwinX 4400: $399
Kingston HyperX 4300: $408 (at shop.kingston)
OCZ Performance Series PC4400: $369

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The Test

We wanted to show you what exactly a high FSB gives you in terms of bandwidth performance and actual gaming performance. So we tested each kit at stock DDR400 (800 FSB) on a ES (Engineering Sample) Pentium 4 3.2C.

The ES 3.2C has multipliers available from 12x to 16x, so we were able to replicate a 2.4C with the 12x multiplier, with the guarantee of reaching 3.2 GHz!

We tested at DDR400, DDR500, and DDR550, to replicate plain PC3200 as well as middle end PC4000 and the new PC4400.

At DDR400, the CPU is running at 3.2 GHz (16 x 200)
At DDR500, the CPU is running at 3.19 GHz (12 x 250)
At DDR550, the CPU is running at 3.3 GHz (12 x 275)

Let's get right to it!

SiSoft Sandra 2004

First up of course is SiSoft Sandra 2004. Their memory tests will give us a direct bandwidth score, and easily show us the exact benefits of a higher memory clock rate.

Here we can see a HUGE increase across all products when going from DDR400 to DDR500. Going up another DDR50 MHz, we can see further benefit. So far, all the products are performing at the same level.


Aida32 has a built in memory bandwidth test, which will give us pure bandwidth results based on read and write functions separately.

Once again, we see that huge performance spike as the FSB is increased. And once again, all the products are performing well within each other.

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