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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [03.24.04]
Manufactured by: Corsair, Kingston, and OCZ

Prices for 1 GB kits from
Corsair TwinX 4400: $399
Kingston HyperX 4300: $408 (at shop.kingston)
OCZ Performance Series PC4400: $369

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OCZ Performance Series PC4400 Dual Channel Kit

OCZ'sĀ gorgeous 1GB dual channel kits are found on for just $369. A 512MB kit is available for $195. Price Watch can't find a lower (or higher) price than this, but has the 1GB kitĀ for $558 Canadian, which is $419 USD.

Like Corsair and Kingston, OCZ offers a full lifetime warranty on their ram. Unlike those two however, OCZ allows you to push it beyond spec and still maintain a full warranty. While they are rated at 2.8V, you can feel free to push them to 2.9V and still be covered by warranty. OCZ seems to be the only company encouraging us to push our ram beyond their own specs, and in fact will reward you if you do!

And like the rest of the memory here, high latencies apply. Remember, unless your CPU can reach outrageous FSB rates, you're better off with PC3500 low latency memory. If you're looking to take your P4 2.4C to the max however, keep reading!

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