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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [03.24.04]
Manufactured by: Corsair, Kingston, and OCZ

Prices for 1 GB kits from
Corsair TwinX 4400: $399
Kingston HyperX 4300: $408 (at shop.kingston)
OCZ Performance Series PC4400: $369

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Kingston HyperX PC4300

Unlike the rest of the memory we're looking at today, Kingston's is only rated at PC4300 - DDR533. We were able to get ours working at DDR550 with no problems at all, by increasing the voltage a tiny bit. However doing this probably voids our warranty, and definitely voids any support we would otherwise get from Kingston trying to run their memory beyond spec. Keep this in mind when shopping.

NewEgg doesn't carry HyperX products, but the 1GB kit is available from Kingston's shopping site for $408. Looking at Price Watch, I could not find this kit for less than $399. So the Kingston HyperX is not only the lowest rated, but it is the most expensive kit we're looking at today.

I could find no specific mention of HyperX on Kingston's warranty page, although their "ValueRam" line is mentioned as having a lifetime warranty, so I assume the same would apply for the ultra high end HyperX.

Kingston doesn't have a support forum, but does have an extensive Support Page, with plenty of instructions, diagrams, and FAQ's.

HyperX 4300 is rated at 2.7V for 533 MHz DDR. We cranked it up to 2.8V to get it to run 100% rock solid at PC4400 to match the competing modules we're looking at today. Your mileage will vary however, and keep in mind that PC4400 isn't officially supported.

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