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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [03.15.04]
Manufactured by: Gigabyte

 Street Price: $430 on NewEgg

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3dMark 2003

As always, we're start out with 3dMark 2003. Take these numbers with a grain of salt however, as the 56.56 drivers we are using are NOT validated by FutureMark to give 'approved' scores with 3dMark 03. However, the latest drivers they find acceptable are version 52.16, which were released almost half a year ago. Nobody is going to be using those drivers, so in my opinion these 'unapproved' drivers are just as valid as the old 'approved' ones nobody is going to use (their only purpose now would be to get a 'valid' 3dMark score - whatever that is).

First up; texturing performance.

As is expected, the GFFX excels in multi texturing performance, and the 9800XT excels in single texturing. Note the performance increase with the overclocked speed!

With the PS2.0 test, we are already seeing the benefit of the overclocking; the 5950 GT edition is keeping up with the 9800XT here, where the default clocked one falls behind.

Here is the final 3dMark 03 score, for those that give a damn:

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