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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [03.12.04]
Manufactured by: NZXT



The Guardian comes with just the typical case bundle which includes a power cord, a bag of screws, a rear PCI bracket cover as well as a user manual.

Surprisingly I found the user manual to be quite refreshing. It was written in very plain and simple English and contained step by step instructions on how to set up each individual feature of the case, along with a personal letter from NZXT Designer Johnny H.

Upon Closer Inspection

As with most cases today, the Guardian has front sound and USB ports. These are hid nicely behind little sliding panels which are easily opened and closed. There are unfortunately no front firewire ports which may be an issue if you have a digital camcorder.

The front door opens up to reveal five 5.25'' optical bays and two 3.5'' bays (there are three more hidden internally) along with the power and reset buttons

Unlike some other cases, the door does not have a lock and key, which is probably for the best as it would look out of place with the bezel design.  This "lack of security" isn't an issue for most average users.

The door itself uses plastic clips which do the job well enough, although I have suspicions about their longtime durabilty.

Just in case you were concerned about picking up a knock off version of the Guardian, on the inside of the door is an NZXT branding complete with head designer Johnny H.'s signature to prove that what  you have is the real deal.

...notice the copyright notice - better known as "thermaltake be gone!"

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