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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [03.12.04]
Manufactured by: NZXT


Crafted Gaming Armour

Ahh...remember the days when everyone had a beige box? Remember back when the only thing to differentiate one computer case from another was the model branding? My my my, how times they have changed. With the masses no longer happy to allow large manufacturer to build their gaming rigs for them, the market for unique and innovative tower cases has grown significantly. Today there are a wide variety of "premod" cases to choose from, ranging from shiny to scary, and even yes, downright tacky!

The case we are reviewing today comes to us from a company named NZXT. NZXT are a brand spanking new company, although they emphasize that their designers and engineers have over 20 years experience. NZXT states that as a company their "objective is to provide gamers with a case that they can identify with. At NZXT, consumers will finally be able to find a case that will represent their style and personality."  Sounds pretty sweet right? Let's go ahead and have a look what they have on tap then for their first market offering!

Time to Suit Up!

The case model we will be looking at today is the NZXT Guardian which comes in six standard colors: black, silver, blue, orange, yellow and green. The Guardian's case design is a take on a knights armour and looks quite impressive straight out of the box. Personally the blue model we were sent reminds me a little of Optimus Prime from The Transformers, which makes it just that much cooler!

..more than meets the eye!

The side window is just as impressive with a stylishly designed window and a dragon etched fan guard.

Behing the fan guard is a tri-colored led fan which I typically think look very tacky, but actually doesn't look too bad here.

The rear of the case is a tad different than anything I've seen before; I'm not really sure how to explain it so I'll just show you.

Is that strange or is it just me? I'm not sure if it has any engineering significance or if it was just a workaround that allowed NZXT to incorporate two exhaust fans into a case that wasn't truly designed for them.

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