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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [03.10.04]
Manufactured by: Cooler Master

Est. Street Price: $40-50

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Is that drive bay looking a little bland?

If so, you need to stick a drive bay accessory in there! What to put in there though? There is so much to choose from! In the past few weeks alone, we have reviewed fan controllers such as the Thermaltake Hardcano 12, Hard Drive coolers, like the Vantec Vortex, and even accessories that do both, like the Cooler Master Cooldrive 4!

But what comes after that? Well you could put an Enermax Drive Swap Bay in there, but that's only useful to a few people. Then there is the VLSystem LED Panel out of Korea, but it is expensive and hard to find. For something totally outrageous, how about this PCI Bandwidth Monitor from Japan? Again, this one is hard to find, and pretty expensive.

Today, Cooler Master is releasing the next unique drive bay accessory you can add to your case: The Musketeer 2.

As you would guess, this is the second version of the Musketeer drive bay accessory. The first looks much the same, but differs in a few ways. We'll cover that as we look at this new unit.

Like the original Musketeer, the M2 has three analog dials to monitor various things. The original Musketeer monitored and controled various voltage adjustments, and had a temperature monitor. The new Musketeer controls two separate sound channels, and guages them accordingly. There is also an analog HDD activity monitor, to go along with the LED on the front of the case.

We'll get into the installation and function of all these in a minute, but first let's discuss the looks. The original Musketeer had blue faced analog dials, which could light up. The M2 has white faces, and can be backlit in 7 different colors! Check it out:

Choose from red, white, purple, blue, green, light blue, and yellow. This makes the M2 extremely versatile; since the unit itself is available in black and silver, and it lights up in 7 different colors, you'll be hard pressed to find a modded case that this DOESN'T look good in.

The unit itself is a 'full sized' 5.25" device; it is built exactly like a CDROM, so it will be fully compatible with cases that use all different types methods of tool-free drive installation.

All the ports on the back are clearly marked, and installation is a breeze. Speaking of installation....

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