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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.24.04]
Manufactured by: Thermaltake 

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A bundle?

A really bizarre feature of the Damier is the bundle... That's right...

A Damier mousepad (in case you're curious by now, Damier is french for "checkered pattern") is included, along with a CDROM featuring some wallpapers and screensavers. You also get some nifty Damier stickers... WTF??? I guess if you like the Damier design, you REALLY like it...

This just caps off what has to be one of the weirdest high end PC cases around...

Normally I leave the looks alone when it comes to a case design. Some people like loud crazy designs like those usually seen on Xaser cases. If you like REALLY nutso cases, you should check out the Diabolic Minotaur we looked at a while back. There is also the X-Superalien to consider, or even Thermaltake's SKULL, which I actually liked.

Others, of course, prefer a simple design over this. If so, check out one of the Cooler Master cases we looked at in the past. We'll be looking at more like this in the future as well.

But when it comes to the Damier, well, Thermaltake really outdid themselves this time. Ripping off a handbag design for a high end PC case? Classic stuff!

Ugly design notwithstanding, the Xaser V does not have much else to offer, and in many ways I would consider it a step back from the previous generation Xaser cases. Gone are the screw-free removable doors and motherboard tray, and the PCI retention mechanism used here is just ridiculous.

I do like that they are starting to use 90mm fans however.

Geoff The Goat has been licking his chops ever since he saw the Damier. Looks like he gets his wish! Enjoy your meal Geoff, we can do without it.

  • Good fan locations, well designed, uses 90mm fans
  • Good fan controller/monitor
  • Lockable doors and side panels
  • Comes with a screensaver (KIDDING!)

  • U-G-L-Y. Louis Vuitton is for HANDBAGS, not computer cases!
  • Step back in installation (no longer screw-free)
  • PCI retention bracket does NOT WORK
  • Mismatching fans for the side

Final Score: 50%