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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.24.04]
Manufactured by: Thermaltake 

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The Fans

One of the crucial elements of a case design is not only how many fans it has, but also where they are placed. You could put a million fans in a case, and not have the temperatures lower than a case with four or five well placed fans.

First up, we have a front fan for intake. This is an 80x80x25 fan, rated at 2050 RPM and 21 dBA, making it a very quiet fan. A removable filter is include. This fan blows directly over the HDD bays, but I worry that closing the door will block off most of the airflow. The door itself is vented, but not a lot.

For more intake, a removable dual 90mm fan holder is included. Here are the fans that are to be used in this holder:

The clear fan lights up blue, and is rated at 1800 RPM (at 21 dBA), and the one on the right is a variable speed fan which can be set to 1300-3000 RPM. This is one of the fans that are meant to be used with the 'volume' knobs on the front of the case. I would have preferred matching fans in this case however.

Because the case is so big, it is capable of utilizing a large 90mm fan for the rear exhaust. This one is also adjustable between 1300-3000 RPM, using the other 'volume' knob on the front.

Finally, we have a low speed 80mm fan for the top exhaust port. This is the same fan used on the front. I would have liked to see another 90mm fan being used here; there is certainly room for it! But I guess it wouldn't go with the design of the ports on the top of the case, which I'll get to later.

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