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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.24.04]
Manufactured by: Thermaltake 

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The Door

As usual with Thermaltake cases, most of the story is in the front of the case itself.

Starting from the top, you get what seems to be an exclusive Hardcano fan controller. It is similar in many ways to the Hardcano 10 we've seen before, but not exactly the same. It seems to have some enhanced usability functions. Overall it's the same though - you get four fan controllers, and four temp monitors to go with them. Alarms are all included, and can be set to a couple different temp ranges.

Directly below the Hardcano is what looks like a stereo receiver volume knob. This is another fan controller. It uses Thermaltake's common 2 pin fan controller connector, so you can use it with either of the fans included in the case, or with any heatsink fan that uses this 2 pin connector (such as the Volcano 12 Athlon64 cooler we looked at here).

Moving down, you'll find the "Damier" EL light we featured on the first page. This can be turned off, or set to flash on and off (wooooo), or just left on. On the right is the lock for the front door; the Xaser 5 is the most secure Xaser I've come across so far. Not only is the front door lockable, but the side panels can be locked as well. On the very bottom is another stereo knob-type fan controller, also using the 2 pin Thermaltake connector.

I must say, the inside of the door is the one part of this case that actually looks nice. It is a nice solid aluminum door, with the Thermaltake logo stamped on the inside. Behind the logo, there is an LED that cycles through all the colors of the rainbow. Somewhat 'flamboyant' but a nice funky effect overall.

Here you can see all the external bays included - four 5.25" bays, and a pair of 3.5" bays. This is a nice number, especially considering that a 5.25" fan monitor is already included.

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