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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [03.01.04]
Manufactured by: Vantec

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MSRP: $24.99

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The Aeroflow Returns!

No question about it. The original Vantec Aeroflow was one of the most talked about coolers in recent memory, and with good reason. On the AMD platform, the Aeroflow's revolutionary design allowed it to knock out the competition at both a reasonable price and sound level, largely in part due to the perfect utilization of YS Tech's revolutionary TMD fan.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are still weary of using TMD fans on their precious CPU's; YS Tech was forced to recall their fans in 2002. While this recall did not directly affect Aeroflows, there seems to be a higher than normal amount of defective fans. More than a few people in our forums have had TMD fans either go noisy after a while, or die completely on them.

In light of these events, Vantec has released the new and "improved" Aeroflow 2. 

Vantec, perhaps tired of constantly RMA'ing coolers due to dead fans have opted to offer an alternative to the TMD fan for a 70mm ball bearing fan which they claim to be both quieter and more reliable than its predecessor. They will continue to sell the original Aeroflow of course.

The model we'll be looking at today is the P4 478 model. We hope to soon have the Socket A model to review as well. Complete specs can be found at Vantec's website.

Model No.: VP4-7245
CPU Socket: P4 478
Rated Voltage: 12V
Rated Current: 0.24A
Power Consumption: 2.88W
Bearing Type: Ball Bearing
Fan Speed: 4000RPM
Fan Dimensions: 70x70x20mm
Airflow: 34CFM
Noise Level: 35dB(A)
Outline Dimensions: 89.5x71.5x72.9mm
Weight: 472g
Life Time: 50,000hrs

The cooler comes with a small tube of white thermal paste, a small instruction manual and two retention clips.

The retention clips were beyond easy to install. All that was required was to loop one end into the P4 retention block and then loop it overtop of the cooler until and snap it into the other end of the retention block.

The Cooler

The Cooler itself is a tad taller than the original version due to the change in fan and the new fan grill.

Other changes to the unit include a larger copper core (although I personally can't tell the difference), as well as an enhanced 4-way aluminum fin design which is supposed to both draw heat away faster as well as allow more air to actually reach the CPU itself. As with the original, the copper core is nicely machined and comes with a protective film to keep it that way.

The original is on the left, the newer version on the right.

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