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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.17.04]
Manufactured by: Cooler Master
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Something Cool for your PC

Today we're looking at Cooler Master's "Cooldrive 4", a fan controller which doubles as a hard drive cooler. They have a version without the HDD cooler, the Aerogate II, which retails for about $5-10 less.

So it would seem that if you are looking into either an Aerogate II or a Cooldrive 4, the Cooldrive would be the way to go, even if you never get to use the HDD cooling function, it may come in handy one day!

The Looks

While the Aerogate II is available in black or silver, the Cooldrive 4 only comes in silver. This should match up with most peoples' aluminum or silver cases quite nicely. One advantage of the Cooldrive is that it is a standard full size "CDROM" type device, so you should run into no problems installing it in a case that only features tool-less drive bays.

The Cooldrive 4 controls three external fans, and one 40x40x20mm fan built into the unit (which functions as the HDD fan). Each fan is paired up with a corresponding thermistor, so you can track the effectiveness of the fan manipulation.

The Cooldrive 4 is one of the most handsome case accessories I've seen in a long time. When powered up, each of the 3 features on front lights up via multi colored LED's. Here's what the knob looks like when lit up:

Pressing the 'color' button up top will cause the Cooldrive 4 to cycle through its 7 available colors. Once you see the one you want, hit it again and it will stay there.

While the top of the Cooldrive 4 certainly looks nice, you won't ever see it once it is installed. The lid does have a nice surprize, which we'll get to later on in the article...

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