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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.13.04]
Manufactured by: Gigabyte

Est. Street Price: $180

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Memory Tests

First up, of course, are the memory benchmarks, to directly test the memory bandwidth capabilities of this board compared to its competitors. These numbers are all theoretical, and may not reflect end system performance (which is why we test that too!)

Things are perfectly matched here, as expected since the memory controller is on the CPU itself. However I expected the K8T800 to pull ahead a little, since it has a higher speed HyperTransport link. Maybe that will show up in later tests.

Once again things are evenly matched, although the Gigabyte board pulls ahead a little in the Write test.

As expected, the Memory test is even in PCMark 04. However take a look at the "System" test, which uses actual system operations to determine an overall score. Everything from compressing files to encoding video is done in this test. The K8VNXP pulls ahead ever so slightly here.

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