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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.13.04]
Manufactured by: Gigabyte

Est. Street Price: $180

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The Bundle

Here's what can really put a motherboard ahead of the pack - the bundle. Too often we find a nice board with a lot of features, but only including a single ATA cable and Floppy adapter, and not much else! Let's see what the K8VNXP has in store!

First off we have the SATA cable bundle. On the right is a single 4 pin Molex > SATA power adapter. This cable is quite long, and can be cumbersome inside a case. Even if you use a single SATA drive, I would suggest using the connector to the far left instead. It will be much more tidy.

The K8VNXP includes not one, not two, but THREE PATA cables! Now THIS is more like it! A floppy cable is thrown in, though it does not match the PATA cables in color. The PATA cables are the rigid kind that are easy to fold, and make for an ultra clean installation. I think Gigabyte could have chosen a nicer color however.

Another nice little 'extra' is the board schematic sticker you can apply to the inside of your case. Never again will you be looking all over for your manual to connect your external USB ports or front panel pins!

The one component that really completes the package of the K8VNXP is this external SATA adapter. This allows you to connect up to two SATA drives externally. With a HDD housing, you could have a FULL SPEED external drive (or TWO!), rather than resorting to a sluggish USB2.0 or FireWire connection to transfer data to an external drive!

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