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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.09.04]
Manufactured by: Powercolor

Est. Street Price: $190

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GunMetal Benchmark Demo

GunMetal is an insane arcade-style mech game that has a ton of explosions and effects.

Unfortunately, we were unable to get consistent scores with filtering enabled, so we had to drop those results. Instead, we'll just look at 'normal' res (1024x768) and high res (1600x1200).

In 1024x768, the 9600XT's fall behind both NVIDIA based cards here, even the 5700 Ultra.

Similar results in a high resolution. Let's wrap this up!

There is no question that the 9600XT Bravo would be a great selection if you are looking for a 9600XT based video card. It has a good bundle, and a unique look, and should be easy to find for a good price.

Unfortunately, NVIDIA's 'ringer' simply kills the chances of the 9600XT at the $190 price range.

Should the Bravo be found for $140 or so, that would give it an approximately $50 advantage over the 5900XT, PLUS the inclusion of Half Life 2.

However, that is NOT enough to make up for the huge difference in performance between the two cards, and unless you seriously have something against NVIDIA, there is not much reason NOT to buy a 5900XT at $180-190.

  • Cool bundle
  • Lots of extra cables included
  • Looks good, a step above reference design
  • Strong filtering performance against the 5700 Ultra

  • The 5900XT can be had for around the same price, and kills the Bravo
  • Curious heatsink design LOOKS good, but probably doesn't add much performance
  • Memory heatsink only on one side of the card!
  • No onboard thermometer or "overdrive"

Final Score: 81%