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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.09.04]
Manufactured by: Powercolor

Est. Street Price: $190

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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

By now you should know about what has to be the best free game ever released. Originally designed as an expansion for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Enemy Territory still holds top spot here at HCW as the most popular multiplayer game. Have a look at this thread if you'd like to take us on :)

We started using a new timedemo here; one that is even more stressful than the last. It is a long timedemo, taken in a large scale battle in the 'snow' level. This is probably the slowest WolfET will ever run.

Oddly, the 5900XT seems to be capped at 75 FPS. I checked the timedemo, and there are definitely parts that go above this, so it's not a refresh rate problem or anything. Let's move along:

This time we can see the power of the 5900XT, as it pulls ahead of the 9600XT by nearly 20 FPS. Also note that the 5700 Ultra is still ahead here.

ATI's strong filtering performance is not evident in this OpenGL game, as both NVIDIA cards pull way ahead of the Bravo and its ATI brand counterpart.

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