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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.09.04]
Manufactured by: Powercolor

Est. Street Price: $190

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Aquamark 3

Here's the latest, greatest DX9 benchmark to hit the scene. We are using the Pro version, with every detail cranked to the max. This should give us an idea of how these cards will perform in future DX9 games:

The 5900XT is able to pull ahead a little, but not by much in Aquamark 3 at this relatively low resolution.

But as the resolution is increased, the 5900XT pull ahead even further.

Last time we saw a 9600XT do well when advanced filtering was being used; let's see if this holds up!

And it is! ATI does extremely well with advanced filtering enabled. However, Aquamark 3 is just one benchmark, and not quite a real game just yet. Let's reserve judgement until we see some real world scores...

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