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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.09.04]
Manufactured by: Powercolor

Est. Street Price: $190

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3dMark 03

We like to start off with theoretical numbers from 3dMark 03. Of course this will NOT be the only benchmark we use, and I truly believe that this is a good benchmark to show relevant performance results when used correctly. Both ATI and NVIDIA are a part of the 3dMark beta program, so neither one can complain about it being used in a review.

I will note, however, that the 53.03 drivers we are using for the 5700 Ultra are not listed under Futuremark's "Reviewed and Approved Drivers" list. According to Futuremark, the 53.03 drivers have optimizations that affect the game test scores, and the final scores.

I used to put the 3dMark 03 game test results here, but now that I think of it, I don't see much point. Nobody is ever going to play these games after all! To make up for it, I have added two more actual game benchmarks that you'll see later in the review. I don't think we'll be using 3dMark much longer, as the whole 'optimizations' thing is making it less and less reliable by the day.

So for now, we'll look at texturing performance first:

Because of the 5900XT having an extra tex unit per pipeline, it is able to excel in multitexturing performance. As you can see, things are quite even with singletexturing.

Because of ATI's super strong PS2.0 engine, it is able to compete even with the 5900XT. It lags behind both NVIDIA cards in vertex shader performance however.

And the final score, for those that care:

Okay enough of this, let's get to some real world benchmarks!

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