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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.02.04]
Manufactured by: Intel

Prices: 3.2GHz: $278
3.4 GHz: $417

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SYSmark 04: Office Productivity

The Office Productivity half of SYSmark 04 uses the following applications:

Adobe® Acrobat® 5.0.5
Microsoft® Access 2002
Microsoft® Excel 2002
Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6
Microsoft® Outlook® 2002
Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2002
Microsoft® Word 2002
Network Associates® McAfee® VirusScan® 7.0
ScanSoft® Dragon Naturally Speaking® 6 Preferred
WinZip Computing WinZip® 8.1

If these apps seem more familiar to your line of work, you're going to want to know how the CPU's perform in the Office Productivity suite.

First up is the final OP score:

Once again, the Prescott pulls ahead by just a bit. And again, the Athlon64 is at about the level of a 3.0 P4. Check out the Hyperthreading results here! I wonder where that is coming from! Let's find out:

Communication: The user receives an email in Outlook 2002 that contains a collection of documents in a zip file. The user reviews his email and updates his calendar while VirusScan 7.0 scans the system. The corporate web site is viewed in Internet Explorer 6.0. Finally, IE is used to look at the samples of the web pages and documents created during the scenario.

The "Communication" group seems to be one of the 'weaker' tests, but the Athlon64 is eating it all up. Prescott falls behind a bit in this scenario.

Document Creation: The user edits the document using Word 2002. He transcribes an audio file into a document using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 6. Once the document has all the necessary pieces in place, the user changes it into a portable format for easy and secure distribution using Acrobate 5.0.5. The user creates a marketing presentation in PowerPoint 2002 and adds elements to a slide show template.

Is it just me, or does that sound like a really boring job? Oh well, the Prescott does well in these tests, as does the A64 3400+.

Data Analysis: The user opens a database using Access 2002 and runs some queries. A collection of documents are archives using WinZip 8.1. The queries' results are imported into a spreadsheet using Excel 2002 and used to generate graphical charts.

Prescott does extremely well here; I would guess the L2 cache allows the database used in this group of tests to perform very well. I find it interesting that the overall OP score made it look like Hyperthreading gave more of a benefit than the individual test groups found. I guess it puts more of an emphasis on the 'tougher' tasks, like database management and spreadsheets.

Before you flame us for using a BapCo program, keep in mind that BOTH AMD and Intel are a major part of their beta program. Whatever issues AMD may have had with the last version of SYSmark should be remedied by now.

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