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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.02.04]
Manufactured by: Intel

Prices: 3.2GHz: $278
3.4 GHz: $417

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Number Crunching

I like to throw in some ScienceMark 2.0 number crunching results in our CPU reviews. AMD will probably thank us for it as well:

The Athlon64's performance rating looks flawless in the ScienceMark 2.0 tests, although only when HT is enabled. The P4 is much slower without HT. Prescott lags behind by quite a bit in these tests... Once Sciencemark 2.0 makes use of the new SSE instructions, things should even up quite a bit.

Okay, enough fun and games. Let's get to work. SYSMark 04 will tell us once and for all what Prescott is all about in the applications that matter to the working folk...

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