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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.02.04]
Manufactured by: Intel

Prices: 3.2GHz: $278
3.4 GHz: $417

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Gaming Performance

What are we supposed to do when not encoding or listenting to music and videos? Why, play games of course! What did you expect? Work?

Our first three gaming benchmarks show just how much the Athlon64 KICKS ASS in gaming. But we all knew that already, so what about Prescott? Well it is pretty close to the Northwood, so that is great news for Intel, as performance will only go up from here. Unfortunately they aren't close to catching the pure power of the Athlon64 just yet though.

I separated the Aquamark 3 result, because it is the only gaming benchmark we used that clearly makes use of Hyperthreading, and it significantly improves performance, allowing all the P4 to beat the Athlon64 in this engine. It just goes to show what dedicated programming can do for performance!

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