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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [01.29.04]
Manufactured by: Thermaltake


My eyes hurt

When you're done, your video card will look like this (I used an Inno3d GFFX 5900, reviewed here):

I'm sorry I had to subject you to this. Now in all our recent reviews, we've said that the looks of mod products are really up to the individual to decide. With cases, some people like the wild look of the Xasers, while others prefer the clean refined look of Cooler Master cases. But looking at this "Extreme Giant III" just makes my head spin. There is a big honkin' fan sitting on the top of it! It just looks silly. And if my suspisions are correct, the fan won't mean squat in terms of performance.


Testing was done using a UT2K3 demo loop for 10 minutes at a time, using the NVIDIA drivers to detect core temperature once it settled at a high value. The core was overclocked to 440 MHz from 400.

Just as I suspected. Looking at the performance, you can see that it significantly improves on the stock heatsink. However all the speed controllers and extra 'turbo' fans are utterly redundant and useless, and nothing is to be gained from them even in an overclocked scenario.

The ONLY thing that saves the "Extreme Giant III" from getting the Goat is the fact that it actually performs quite well. And it should; Zalman did a great job designing the original heatsink Thermaltake copied.

But Thermaltake did NOT improve on it; they just added a bunch of crap to make it look "Extreme", and ended up with a silly looking thing that Counterstrike n00bs might like, but anyone over 12 is just going to laugh at.

The sickeningly loud blower sticks out like a sore thumb, doesn't add ANY noticable performance at ALL, and I can't see any reason for it being there, other than to make the Giant III look "Extreme". Sure it's "Extreme". Extremely UGLY.

  • Actually performs quite well
  • Extra hardware and well written manual makes installation a breeze

  • UGLY
  • Extra fan functions don't do squat for performance
  • "Turbo" fan is ridiculously loud
  • Will not fit in some cases

Final Score: 65%