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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [01.26.04]
Manufactured by: DFI

Price on $180
Avg. Price for 875PE Mobos: $120-130

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As you saw on the BIOS section of this article, the Pro875B has excellent OC features. With great voltage settings (although I would like to see the VDIMM go a bit higher), you should be able to push any ram to the limit. You may have read our recent PC4000 review where we got our OCZ DDR500 to run stable at DDR560!

And that is just the beginning - CMOS Reloaded has a ton of features, all of which make overclocking MUCH easier and FAR less frustrating.

I'll be keeping the Pro875B handy for all our future overclocking tests, including an upcoming PC4400 roundup in the next week or so.

There you have it - the DFI Lanparty Pro875B is going to be a great choice for a lot of readers. Case modders will love the UV reactive colours, Hardcore Overclockers will love CMOS Reloaded, the Lanparty crowd will be all over the colours as well, and the PC Transpo carrying bag. The Lanparty Pro875B truly has something for everyone!

Of course, being the solution for more than one group has its price - currently a $180 price. This is around $50 more than you would expect to pay for a 'plain' 875P based motherboard. Whether that extra $50 is worth it is totally up to you. For me, it will knock a few marks off our final score, but it will not stop me from giving this board our coveted "I AM HARDCORE" award. This motherboard truly rocks!

  • CMOS Reloaded truly innovates, and makes life easier
  • Nearly flawless layout
  • Best looking board around today
  • Packed bundle
  • RCA outputs on backplate
  • RAID 1.5 controller - even helps performance of 1 drive!
  • Awesome overclocking features and performance
  • Gotta give it a point for prestige factor

  • Expensive
  • No digital outputs

Final Score: 98%