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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [01.26.04]
Manufactured by: DFI

Price on $180
Avg. Price for 875PE Mobos: $120-130

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Bundle Continued

The highlight of the bundle is probably the package of UV reactive rounded IDE and Floppy cables...

They match up with the orange highlights on the board flawlessly, and not only is it nice to have a motherboard include TWO IDE cables, but to get rounded ones is even better! And to have them match the board itself is a unique feature only the Lanparty can boast right now.

The "Accessory Kit" is actually just the bundle of connectors and cables you would find with any other motherboard, and is in fact even smaller than many I've seen.

You get a MIDI PCI bracket that will never be used, an ATX backshield that is pretty much required now, and a pair of red SATA cables (I wish these were UV reactive orange like the other IDE cables). I do like the dual SATA power adapter though, since most Power Supplies only include one SATA power connector, if any at all. The dual SATA adapter is the perfect accompaniment to a SATA RAID array.

Topping off the superb bundle is a huge LanParty sticker to show off your neon l33tne55 at those hardcore lanparties, and a matching case badge. I love the extended jumpers too - these are great to use as CMOS Clearing jumpers!

So as you can see, while the Pro875B costs upwards of $50 more than other 875P motherboards, the bundle covers much of that. Does it cover all of it? I don't think so. Like I said, I would have liked to see the inclusion of a UV light or two, and maybe even a case window kit.

Now let's have a look at the BIOS features.


First and foremost is the overclocking section, of course:

I really love the current CPU speed indicator. All you have to do is watch it as you tinker with the settings - no calculator or brain needed! The AGP/PCI/SATA clock is fully lockable. CPU voltage can can be set up to 1.975V in increments of 0.025, which is plenty for Northwood P4's. The DIMM voltage goes up to 2.9V in 0.1V increments, which is good but I have seen better. The AGP voltage goes up to 1.8V, which isn't as important since the AGP bus can be fixed 66 MHz.

The Pro875B handles overclocking superbly, and will be used in many of our upcoming overclocking and memory reviews.

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