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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [01.19.04]
Manufactured by: CasEdge 


Scariest case you'll EVER see!

I'll have to be honest; it doesn't often happen. I was reading through my copy of PC Gamer, and near the back - in the area you go to see reviews of 2 month old products and super expensive systems nobody ever buys - I saw it. The full page ad for this case we are reviewing today; the CasEdge Diabolic Minotaur. The name stuck, and the ad made a great impression - this thing looks SCARY! I HAD to check it out and let our readers know about it, because you might come across the same ad and wonder if this case is worth checking out.

CasEdge is the retail division of FOXCONN, one of the oldest manufacturers of OEM fans, brackets, screws, and other small things that a PC couldn't live without, but you never think to look at who made them. Their box mirrors the awesome job they did on the ad I saw; glowing red eyes, and the eerie Chinese character on the side (which translates indirectly in English, but means something like 'ghostly presence' which works fine).

The case itself is a somewhat common ATX case you'll see on many towers. The big difference is the plastic face on the front. Let's be honest; this all started with the AlienWare case that was launched some months ago. Of course, to have that cool case, you'd need to buy a ridiculously expensive system, because they don't sell the cases alone. The Diabolic Minotaur is one of the alternatives, if you're looking for a radical design.

The Diabolic Minotaur comes in several colours; red, purple, blue, green, and yellow. Red has to look the coolest, since it matches the red LED eyes that turn on when the system is powered up.

The shade of red used to paint the drive bay area is an absolutely GORGEOUS shade of red, with a metallic look. I don't think I have ever seen this nice a colour on a case, EVER. It's actually a darker shade than what appears in our photos.

You're probably wondering about the 'mouth' at the bottom. It's actually a grille to cover the front USB and headphone ports - check it out:

This is a cool design, and fits really well with the rest of the case. To use your USB ports, just pop the 'mouth' open...

There's also a FireWire port, and the aforementioned headphone/mic ports. Thankfully, the other ends of these are all direct PIN connectors, as opposed to bypass connectors:

It looks like quite a mess, but it's actually the preferred way to connect USB, FireWire, and Headphone ports - This way you don't lose the ports you have on the back of the case! It is great to see case makers finally assemble their USB connectors in a 4-pin design, as opposed to having us connect them pin-by-pin. I wish they could do the same for the FireWire and audio connectors, but I guess there are still too many different pinouts, depending on who made the adapter you are connecting to.

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