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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [01.15.04]
Edited by: Carl Nelson
Manufactured by: OCZ and Kingston

Est. Street Prices
OCZ EL PC4000 512MB DDR Kit: $170
Kingston HyperX PC4000 512MB DDR Kit: $180

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Head to Head at 500MHz

I suppose placing these two head to head at 500mhz really an exercise in futility. Even though they two pairs use different memory chips, with them both running at the same speed and the same latency settings we should expect that they will perform relatively equal. Just to be sure though, let's run though the same benchmark set that we used on the previous page. The test setup is also exactly the same as the previous page.

As was pretty much expected the benchmark results are almost identical. The big thing with this memory is the fact that it can hit 250mhz which seems to be the magic overclocking number for P4 enthusiasts. Both sets are easily able to achieve this, however if you're planning to use the Kingston on an Abit IS7 read the next paragraph. Without much difference at this level, the real winner is going to be determined by overclocking ability. Can either set go above and beyond the already high threshold of 250mhz? Read on to find out.

Just before we get into the overclocking section though I have to make a mention of some of the problems I had with the Kingston HyperX set on my Abit IS7 motherboard. With two sets of two memory slots on the IS7, there are three possible combinations in which a dual channel kit can be set up in order to utilize the motherboards dual channel capabilities. Out of the three I was only able to get one to work. In the first configuration I tried I couldn't even get the system to boot up. With the second I was able to get the HyperX to boot up at 250mhz, however the system was extremely unstable (even after increasing the voltage). It wasn't until I tried the final possible configuration that I was able to run the memory at it's proper configuration. More than likely this points to a simple incompatibility with the IS7 motherboard, but I thought I'd share my musical RAM slots experience in case someone was experiencing the same problems.

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