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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [01.15.04]
Edited by: Carl Nelson
Manufactured by: OCZ and Kingston

Est. Street Prices
OCZ EL PC4000 512MB DDR Kit: $170
Kingston HyperX PC4000 512MB DDR Kit: $180

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Speed Demon Shootout

Remember back in the good ol' days when you could instantly understand the speed of the memory you were buying simply from its name? PC100 ran at 100MHz, and yes that's right PC133 ran at, you guessed it, 133MHz. Since things have moved over to DDR ram though JEDEC ratings have gotten a little messy. PC2100 ran at an effective 266mhz and PC2700 at 333mhz. Then things start to really get messy, with PC3200, PC3500, PC3700, PC4000, and now even PC4200.

Personally I think that in order to reduce consumer confusion, all memory manufacturers should start labeling their product using the DDR system. That is DDR333, DDR400, etc.. where the number represents the effective speed of the memory. Unfortunately I don't see it happening though any time soon. After all, PC4000 just sounds so much more impressive than DDR500.

On to the task at hand though. Today we'll be looking at two speedy sets of dual channel memory. At DDR500 (or PC4000) specs, these two pairs run stock at a whooping 200mhz effective than the fastest processor FSB on the market. Chances are that if you're reading this you're a serious overclocker who's looking to push their P4 chip to the max.

First up is OCZ's DDR PC4000 EL Dual Channel Kit.

The OCZ EL kit comes with some nice copper heat spreaders and runs with latency settings of 3-4-4-8 at 2.8V

Going head to head with the OCZ kit is Kingston's HyperX PC4000

The HyperX kit is fitted with attractive blue, but aluminum, heat spreaders, runs with same latency settings but requires only 2.6V.

Pulling the heat spreaders off both chips we can see that the Kingston memory uses double sided Samsung chips where as the OCZ uses the traditionally higher performing single sided Hynix chips.

The OCZ chip is on top, the Kingston chip on the bottom.

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