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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [01.16.04]
Edited by: Carl Nelson
Manufactured by: DFI


Gaming Benchmarks

For obvious reasons, these are the most crucial benchmarks of any review, so let's just get right to them.

UT2K3 Demo

Neither of the two boards really benefits from the memory tweaks here, with the DFI only now a respectable 5fps behind the ABIT board. lets square things away with a run of the very popular online multiplayer game Enemy Territory.

DFI close the gap here again on the IS7 timedemo taken from the Depot level. 

There are a large number of good things that can be said about the Infinity 865PE. Unfortunately there are also a lot of bad things that can be said about it. We cannot fault the Infinity for it's low memory benchmark scores, especially when taking into account the lack of translation into real world performance loss. Abit has obviously done a great job with it's GAT optimizations, but truth be told, currently we just don't have need for that much memory bandwidth (yet).

What we can however fault the Infinity for is its price. Currently on pricewatch, the Infinity is listed at $30 above the IS7. This might've been acceptable had the Infinity come with a Lanparty'esque bundle, however it came with completely the opposite. CMOS Reloaded is a great feature, and I look forward the using it in my upcoming Lanparty NF2 "B" review, however it is by no means worth $30. At least not to me anyway, feel free to disagree.

We REALLY like what DFI did with the new 875B Lanparty board (we'll publish a review next week), but they earned a strike with the Infinity 865PE. Compared to Abit's 865PE boards, the Infinity simply does not cut it.

Then again, no other boards do either, so we can't exactly ding them for 'lack of performance'. Chances are, the Infinity performs just as well as most other 865PE based boards.

All in all, the Infinity 865PE ends up simply being a good, solid 865PE board, worthy of a look from many, but not us. DFI has many chances to make up for this! Keep an eye on us for reviews of both their newst LANPARTY boards.

  • CMOS Reloaded
  • Perfect layout
  • Asynchronous CPU/Memory settings

  • Too expensive for an 865PE board
  • Skeletal Bundle

Final Score: 86%