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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [01.16.04]
Edited by: Carl Nelson
Manufactured by: DFI


The Performance

Today we will be pitting the DFI Infinity 865PE up against another I865PE motherboard in the Abit IS7. We've benches both boards at Auto settings (with Chipset Enhancement enabled for the Infinity) and then at their highest performance settings (Turbo for the Infinity and F1 for the IS7).

For testing purposes both the Infinity and the IS7 were setup using a P4 3.0 800mhz processor, 512MB of Corsair XMS 3500 DDR RAM (Set to SPD), a Soltek SL-GF4TI4200 (41.09), a Maxtor 30GB ATA133, 7200rpm, 2MB HDD, and a clean install of Windows XP SP1. and the latest Intel Chipset drivers.

On to the Benches!

First up as always is Sandra 2003

The Infinity just thoroughly gets smoked here. With Abit's GAT enhancements we expected the gap between the default and highest settings to be greater on the IS7, but not that it would just outright beat the Infinity like a rented mule. Let's see if things carry over into Aida32 memory testing.

AIDA32 yeah, either Abit is doing something very right or DFI is doing something horribly wrong with their memory optimizations (most likely it is the former). But if dual channel testing has taught us anything, it's that higher memory bandwidth doesn't always mean higher performance. Let's check out Futuremark's suite of synthetic benches and see if things carry over.


Not quite as bad in the pure memory tests, but the Infinity is once again beaten soundly. Next is the true test though as we check out some real world in-game performance.

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