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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [01.08.04]
Manufactured by: Abit

Est. Street Price: $115
Avg. 865PE Price: $90-100

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We're going to perform full subsystem benchmarking once we get a few boards to compare it to. Watch in the near future for a Prescott based motherboard roundup!

After initial subsystem testing, we found the HDD controller and Audio performance to be right on par with the Intel board.

Okay, I think I am ready to say this:

If you are looking for a motherboard to base your overclocked Intel system on, the AI7 is THE solution.

For the price of an 865 board (well, slightly higher, but not much), you get BETTER performance than 875 boards. However, GAT mode can be picky, so it may take some playing around to get everything to work properly. Just make sure you have really good ram, from Corsair or OCZ (although I didn't have much luck with OCZ this time, another writer here had it work very well on another board, able to get to F1 mode stable).

There aren't much in the way of tangible extras here - no, this is a no nonsense hardcore overclocking board. The features you get are the features you need and can use. Do you still have the 2 zip ties and single use packet of heatsink paste that came with your last board?

Paired up with a 2.4C and some good ram, the AI7 and uGuru should be able to get you to 3GHz and beyond, and run faster than more expensive 875 based systems.

  • Near perfect layout
  • Awesome OC features
  • Rock solid
  • Great price - no frills to increase cost
  • uGuru rules!
  • GAT can really put performance over the edge

  • GAT settings can be tricky (but worthwhile)

Final Score: 97%