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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [01.05.04]
Manufactured by: AMD


Number Crunching

Enough fun and games, let's get to some pure hardcore number crunching tests! For this, we rely on ScienceMark 2 beta. ScienceMark 2 supports all the extended CPU features - SSE2, SSE, 3DNow!, and is multithreaded, so should benefit from Pentium 4's HyperThreading technology.

I'm not going to attempt to understand what all these tests are for, but they do make for some great benchmarks!

The Athlon64 does quite well in Compiled C mode, but falls behind  a bit in SSE and 3dNow modes.

And once again keep in mind that lower scores are what we are looking for here, as these are timed test. The 3400+ does quite well in this test, with a nice margin in performance.

The 3400+ wins again by the same margin in the MolDyn test.

And again, the exact same margin here. This is the exact margin of difference in clock speeds, so it seems that the P4 isn't exactly getting much benefit from multithreaded support of ScienceMark.

So when it comes pure raw CPU processing power in ScienceMark, the A64 3400+ performs exactly as it should - no more or no less.

On the next page we'll introduce PCMark 04, a great little full-system benchmark tool that we will be using in CPU reviews a lot in the future.

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