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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [01.05.04]
Manufactured by: AMD


3d Rendering

For rendering performance, we are using CineBench, a CPU based rendering platform based on Maxon Cinema's 4D modeling, rendering, and annimation program. This program supports hyperthreading, and heavily favors it, so watch the P4 kick some ass here:

We wouldn't expect the A64 to compete with such a heavily tuned program, but this is just one way to show how HyperThreading can really benefit the end user. By the way, the P4 was also faster in the single thread test.

The 3400+ fared much better in the shading test, which doesn't benefit so much from HT.

And finally we have Adept Software's KribiBench. This is another software based 3d rendering app, great for testing the floating point performance of CPU's. This time, the P4 performs quite well. I wonder if Adept needs to update their software to detect the A64 properly? We've seen signs of that before...

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