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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [01.05.04]
Manufactured by: AMD



Gaming is probably very important to most of us, so let's have a look at that. A good place to start is always 3dMark 03:

This time the 3400+ performs just as it should, if not better. The final 3dMark 03 scores worked out to be almost identical, which is actually not a great sign for the 3400+. 3dMark 03 overall it more reliant upon the video card, however.

Once again, we see very similar performance between the two CPUs. AquaMark 3 is a DirectX9 based game, but I don't see it engine being used in too many games yet.. The UT2K3 and Quake3 engine tests should be more relevant:

Finally the A64 is doing what it should! The Quake3 engine normally favors the P4, so it's interesting to see an AMD CPU pull so far ahead.

The 3400+ finishes ultra strong with the UT2K3 engine, absolutely destrying the P4! You should probably pay more attention to these last 2 scores, since these are the 2 engines used in most games today.

PC's aren't all fun and games, however! Some people do WORK with 3d graphics - let's test the rendering performance of these CPUs:

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