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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [12.15.03]
Manufactured by: InnoVision
Est. Street Price: ~$187-190

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Before I go on you have to keep in mind that overclocking results WILL vary, and this may NOT be an indication of OC performance for all Inno3D 5700 Ultras!

But if it was.. Oh boy we'd be in heaven! Check this out; I was able to OC the Inno3D card from 475/906 to an astounding 574/1055! That's right, an increase of 100 MHz for the core, and 150 MHz for the memory! This is without any extra cooling, except a case fan blowing over the card.

This brings it up to 2296 MPixels/s and 2296 MTexels/s, compared to the stock numbers of 1900/1900. We all saw how the 5700 Ultra handled the 9600XT in our tests - imagine what happens when we overclock it a bit.

Here are some basic 1024x768 tests for you to chew on:

And these aren't the most stressful tests either. Again, you saw that the 5700 Ultra victimized the 9600XT in all these tests running at stock speed; it would just be embarassing with the OC results.

But again you must keep in mind that this may not indicate overclocking results for your particular card. It does give the idea that these IBM produced NV36's are great OCers with a lot of potential though...

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